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Time to speak up for sustainable fashion

The Environment Audit Committees interim report on the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry makes for grim reading. After writing to 16 UK retailers and asking what steps they are taking to reduce the environmental and social impact, the responses – although honest, were depressing.

Apathy and tokenism feel like more appropriate terminology than the reports polite choice of ‘Engaged’ ‘Moderately Engaged’ and ‘Less Engaged’. There were glimmers of hope as the ‘Engaged’ retailers are making in-roads with innovative policies and setting and working to strong targets.

But the pace needs to quicken for any real social or environmental benefit.

Buoyed by greater awareness and education consumers are on-board and already fighting the plastic revolution. Retailers are striving to keep up with their customers and woe betide those who are not doing their bit.

However, the ‘Attenborough Effect’ – education, awareness, activism –  is yet to cut through in to fashion and the ‘least engaged’ retailers are banking on this ignorance. They will only start to act once will only start acting when their consumers demand it.

So, spread the word and stand up for a fashion industry that supports its workers and cares for the environment. Do it now. Once consumers act – the ‘least engaged’ will have to follow.

Read the full interim report here https://bit.ly/2sZrUBf