About Us (We're a close knit business)

We‘re a social business. That means that we are motivated by our cause and not by our bottom line. And our cause is to do good things for great UK charities and our planet. We are the UK’s largest fully licensed, commercial clothes collection company because we take pride in what we do. Since 1996 we’ve worked alongside big, small, national and regional charities with equal gusto because we believe we have a lot to offer. That’s why we have contributed over £14 million to UK charities with the great British public’s donations.

What we do

Our most favourite donations were once your most favourite possessions. That beautiful silk evening dress that’s been to one party in ten whole years, tailor made for recycling. The leather tote your ex bought on holiday, bag it up. The designer heels that entranced you to the till, boot ‘em out. When your trousers don’t measure up anymore let us lighten your load.

We aim to make sure they live on in someone else’s wardrobe. By getting communities and neighbourhoods to recycle with us we are able to transform every once loved item into funds for our partner charities.

Our offering is simple. Look out for one of our clothes collection bags through your door or get in touch for a collection. Fill the bag with your pre-loved clothes and fashion accessories. Leave it out for us to collect. Then fill your boots with sunshine, you’ve recycled and done something good for charity. More than 45,000 households donate each week because they find our service hassle free and it supports great causes.

Everything we collect is sold on to stock European department stores that are full of premium second hand clothes and accessories from Britain. What can we say they love our style. Depending on the collection overheads we’ve incurred and what licences or Exception Orders the charities hold, we give a contractually predetermined percentage, between 84% and 95%, of the profit to our charities. Woo hoo. The modest amount remaining is reinvested so we can continue our fundraising duties.