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Coronavirus Pandemic

Clothes aid distribution and collection teams are now back working in limited parts of the U.K. All of our distribution and collection teams have been given health and safety guidelines, which we fully expect them to follow. This includes social distancing measures, hand cleanliness and conduct whilst working in the community. Due to our office […] […]


Clothes Aid Statement on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Clothes Aid will continue to operate as normal during the current situation, following advice from the UK Government/Public Health England who have advised that people receiving mail are not at risk of contracting the Coronavirus, stating  ‘There is no perceived increase in risk for handling post’. This compliments the highly publicised guidance for people to wash their […] […]


Time to speak up for sustainable fashion

The Environment Audit Committees interim report on the Sustainability of the Fashion Industry makes for grim reading. After writing to 16 UK retailers and asking what steps they are taking to reduce the environmental and social impact, the responses – although honest, were depressing. Apathy and tokenism feel like more appropriate terminology than the reports polite […] […]