Sheffield Children’s Hospital is a specialist children’s hospital, providing world-class care for children all over Yorkshire, across the UK and beyond. The Children’s Hospital Charity makes Sheffield Children’s Hospital even better, by creating an environment built with children in mind. The newest addition are three world-class new wards which opened in April 2018 with £10m of your donations.

But that’s not the end of the story, we aren’t finished, we still need to build a better future for our children by redeveloping the Emergency Department (ED), Child Assessment Unit (CAU) and Cancer and Leukaemia ward as well as a building a new Helipad.

Building a Better Future

Sheffield Children’s Hospital prides itself on delivering world-class care for thousands of children every week; but we need your help to redevelop the environment they are treated in.

You can help build a better future for the up to 200 children a day who visit our Emergency Department, the 90 patients a year who are treated on our Cancer and Leukaemia Ward as well as the Major Trauma patients who arrive via helicopter when every second counts.

“We are thrilled to be working with Clothes Aid. Their donation service will help to transform our hospital for our children and their families who visit every year from across the country and beyond. Every penny we receive from Clothes Aid will be spent on Sheffield Children’s Hospital making children get better quicker in the best environment.”
Jennie Everill, Corporate Partnership Officer

Charity information

The Children’s Hospital Charity is a registered charity – no. 505002 (England & Wales).

The Children’s Hospital Charity can be found on the Charity Commission website.


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Contact telephone number: 0114 271 7203

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Facebook: @sheffieldchildrenshospitalandcharity
Twitter: @sheffchildrens
Instagram: @thechildrenshospitalcharity
YouTube: /SCHCharity

Notifiable Solicitation Statement

The Notifiable Solicitation Statement is a clear statement of how much we give to The Children’s Hospital Charity and must appear on our collection bags and stickers. See our FAQs for further info.

Notifiable Solicitation Statement

This collection is operated by Clothes Aid Enterprises in partnership with The Children’s Hospital Charity.
For every tonne of clothes, shoes and accessories collected, Clothes Aid will donate at least £75 plus VAT, and for every tonne of books, household linens and other miscellaneous household items collected, Clothes Aid will donate at least £10 plus VAT, to Sheffield Children’s Hospital Charity charity number 5050020) via Bear Trading Company 02946773.  Clothes Aid aims to donate at least £37,500 plus VAT each year.