We hold memberships with the following industry bodies:

  • Institute of Fundraising (IoF)
  • Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB)
  • London Community Recycling Network
  • London Textile Forum
  • Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP) Steering Group
  • Signatory to SCAP 2020 Commitment

We keep good company by working side by side with some of the UK’s leading authorities in fundraising and textile recycling. We spend deserved time lobbying for better standards in the collection industry because we feel it is integral part of our protecting our partnerships with charities and the public. As a result we were invited to sit on the IoF Code of Fundraising Practice working group.

“The Institute of Fundraising is delighted to work with charities and fundraising organisations, like Clothes Aid, and recognises the value all legitimate forms of fundraising brings to fundraisers in generating income. Fundraisers are the experts in working with donors and their experiences clearly show that different methods of giving preferred by different people and that different forms of fundraising work for different organisations.”

Ceri Edwards
Director of Policy and Communications
Institute of Fundraising

A recent collaboration with the Textile Recycling Association and London Waste and Recycling Board saw us produce a piece of research, the first of its kind, to quantify theft in London. We are pleased to report a marked decrease in theft, which we believe is attributed to a rise in proactive policing.

“WRAP estimate that between 1.1 and 1.4 million tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year in the UK. Of this, about 430,000 tonnes are good quality clothing items that could be re-used. That’s why we believe there is room for both charity shops and clothing collections. Both raise money for charities whilst helping to reduce our environmental impact at the same time. Clothes Aid collects many 1,000s of tonnes of clothing a year and converts this into cash for UK charities.“

Alan Wheeler
Textile Recycling Association