Thanks for your support for Make-A-Wish - Clothes Aid 2024

Thanks for your support for Make-A-Wish

Thanks to our supporters, we raised £60,765 for Make-A-Wish® UK in 2014.  This terrific amount enables Make-A-Wish to grant 15 magical wishes to children, like Suvannah, fighting life-threatening conditions.

Seven year old Suvannah from Wolverhampton was born with the genetic disorder Bardet Biedl Syndrome.  This condition means that Suvannah is susceptible to infections and that her sight is deteriorating.

Suvannah has over 40 dolls, and after seeing a Silver Cross pram when she was younger, has always wanted to own her own!  So thanks to people like you fundraising and recycling your clothes, Make-A-Wish® UK granted Suvannah’s wish.

On the day of Suvannah’s wish, she was chauffeured to the toy shop where she was presented with a pink Silver Cross dolls pram and accessories, including a changing bag, mattress, pillow and quilt.  After receiving her new pram, Suvannah was taken to buy more dolls to add to her growing collection.

Suvannah’s uncle told Make-A-Wish, “The pram has and will have a big impact on Suvannah.  While she still has her sight it means that she can enjoy walking along with it and have some sort of independence in the sense that it is something that she can enjoy and control on her own.”

A great way to raise money for charities including Make-A-Wish is to arrange a clothes collection. For more information about setting one up, please contact the Clothes Aid Helpline today on or 020 7288 8545.

Image by Paul Thomas