Spring Clean Inspiration - Clothes Aid 2024

Spring Clean Inspiration

This season, we are inspired by Marie Kondo’s simple yet effective way to declutter not only our wardrobes, but our lives… forever, and here’s how.

The ingenious concept of tidying we’re following is called the KonMari method, brainchild of Japanese born Marie who was ever frustrated by the endless piles of constantly evolving clutter in her home as a youngster. We hear you, Marie.

It does require a change in attitude and how you view your possessions but it’s one that makes total sense once you’ve read her bible, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying.

Her key mantra is to forget the little and often approach to tidying, its one big session that’s going to have the biggest impact and where you’ll see the most dramatic results. And you tidy by categories, not by rooms. What captures our attention is you apply this method first to your clothes because we imagine this is where the most clutter hides and where you will get rid of the most dormant items. She suggests to gather every item of clothing in one place to make the evaluating and throwing out process easier and more consistent.

Marie says to simply “Ask yourself, ‘Does this item spark joy?’ If it does, keep it. If not, throw it out.” By throwing out, we like to think she means ‘donate to charity’, or even better, pop your items in a Clothes Aid charity clothes collection bag and allow one of our charities to benefit from your spring clean.     

We love this simple tip on how to fold a long sleeve top.

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