A unique franchise opportunity with real social benefit

Clothes Aid Franchise Opportunity

Limited opportunities are available across Scotland, Staffordshire, Cheshire, Wales & Bristol! View all Areas

By joining us at Clothes Aid, you’ll be an integral part of the biggest network of clothes collectors in the UK, an organisation that raises over £1 million a year for British charities.

Our unique business model offers an opportunity to realise consistent earnings potential, receive comprehensive business support, and benefit from our trusted, long established brand (20+ years!).

As part of our current expansion, we’re seeking new franchisees across the UK to operate within their local areas. As such, there are a limited number of opportunities available. Find out if a Clothes Aid franchise is right for you:

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    Why Invest in a Clothes Aid Franchise?

    Low Cost Franchise Investment

    A Clothes Aid franchise requires an appropriate vehicle,
    and £6,200(+VAT) of capital to invest into the business.
    Compared to many others, we offer a low-cost franchise,
    but this has no impact on your potential income.

    Consistent Earning Potential

    Our network collects over 50,000 clothing bags per week
    within the UK, creating potential for predictable and
    dependable supply of revenue. Earning potential for your
    first year is £25,000-£45,000, subject to response.

    Expert Guidance, Training & On-going Support

    With over 20 years of supporting Clothes Aid franchisees,
    we’re committed to providing comprehensive induction
    training and practical ongoing support, backed by our
    proven systems and business model.

    Quick to Start Earning

    With our comprehensive support, as a new franchisee
    you can be generating income within the first two to
    three weeks
    of starting your business.

    Postcode Area Exclusivity

    More than 45,000 households donate clothes to Clothes
    Aid each week because the service is hassle free, and
    supports great causes. Our franchisees benefit from their
    own postcode area (typically 50-60,000 households) to
    collect their share of this dependable on-going supply.

    Investment in Yourself

    Our Franchise Opportunity allows you to realise the true
    benefits of self-employment, with flexible working hours,
    consistent income and growth potential that meets your
    . For example, a number of our franchisees
    manage mini-teams who collect on their behalf.

    Ready to learn more?

    How does the Clothes Aid Franchise Work?

    The Clothes Aid franchise offers the opportunity to build your own business backed up with the help and support of an experienced and substantial organisation. Not only can your business produce good income and profits, but you will be part of a unique network that has huge social benefits.

    Our business model is simple – our franchisees manage small teams (two to four people per team) to arrange the distribution of charity bags followed by the collection of clothing donated by households in their chosen area. The clothing collected is bought by weight, and sold to third parties, generating an income with a proportion of Clothes Aid funds going to nominated British charities.

    As a new franchisee, you’ll need access to a van with the capacity to carry at least one tonne of clothing. Each team will also need a household collection licence, or a national exemption certificate. As your main support, this is part of our role; every year we obtain hundreds of licences from local authorities on behalf of our franchisees.

    As a franchisee with Clothes Aid you can either be a single van franchisee (where you carry out the bag distribution and collection work with a small team) or you can build the business into a multi-van franchise (operating out of an industrial unit) where you eventually take on the role of the business manager. Both options have significant financial potential in relation to the income and profit that the business can generate and the money that we raise to support our charity partners.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Franchise areas are available?
    Opportunities are currently available in the following areas:


    • Inverness
    • Aberdeen
    • Dunfermline and Galloway
    • Edinburgh
    • Glasgow
    • Other areas in Scotland, please enquire for details


    • Stoke-on-Trent
    • Newcastle-under-Lyme
    • Leek
    • Other areas in Staffordshire, please enquire for details




    Get started now
    How will Clothes Aid support me?
    Clothes Aid has developed a unique operational model around the collection of donated used clothing.

    We have been franchising for over twenty years and still have some franchisees that joined us twenty years ago that are working with us today. As an experienced franchisor, we support our franchisees with:

    • Comprehensive start-up package including corporate clothing and initial supply of charity bags
    • Full use of the Clothes Aid and relevant charity partners branded charity bag collection materials in your franchise area
    • Advice and support on pre-trading requirements – sourcing a vehicle, recruiting and training teams, arranging licenses etc.
    • A comprehensive induction training programme for you and your team
    • Initial ‘on-site’ support during the early stages by operational manager
    • Regular on-site visits to provide ongoing help and business advice
    • Central purchasing for specified items (bags and corporate clothing)
    • License applications on behalf of franchisee to enable you to trade legally and meet currently regulatory standards
    • Regular meetings with other franchisees
    • Central warehouses to store the collected clothing
    • Weekly secure payment for clothing collected
    How do I know if a Clothes Aid Franchise is right for me?
    To build a successful Clothes Aid Franchise, you must be willing and able to work hard and get actively involved in the business. Once established, you can employ team leaders to run the distribution and collection teams but in the beginning there is no substitute for leading from the front.

    You’ll need to learn the ropes as far as distributing and collecting bags is concerned, so you’ll also need to be reasonably fit. You will also need to be able to be very organised, or have an organised partner who can be involved actively in the business. Our business system uses simple software packages so you (or your partner) will need to have reasonable IT skills.

    To maximise your tonnage returns you must operate the business according to our model. We don’t want mavericks or people who don’t like systems. We’ve made the mistakes and can train and support you so that you don’t make them all again.

    We’re only interested in taking on franchisees who are entirely committed to building a successful business and with whom we can work closely to make this happen.

    How can I learn more?
    We’re delighted you’re interested Clothes Aid, and encourage you to request a Franchise Pack to learn more about the good work our organisation does (we’re very proud of it!).

    The pack includes a comprehensive brochure and questionnaire to assist you in learning if our opportunity is suitable for you.

    Request Your Franchise Pack

    You can also save time by completing our Franchise Questionnaire online. Upon completion a representative will be in touch to discuss next steps.
    If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail at clothesaid@franchisecompany.co.uk. We’ll endeavor to respond as soon as possible.