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  • Green Benefits

    Millions of garments are sent to landfill every year, creating huge waste and damaging the environment.

    In the UK, we wear an item of clothing on average for less than a third of its useful lifespan.

    Help Clothes Aid clean up the environment by giving for good causes.

    If you have clothes and shoes to recycle please call our Helpline on 020 7288 8545.

    Green Benefits

At Clothes Aid we are passionate about extending the life of clothing in an attempt to keep quality clothes out of landfill. Clothes Aid is a committed member of an industry led campaign, Love Your Clothes, which has an aim of changing the way we acquire, use and dispose of clothes, by 2020. Wish us all luck!

Clothes Aid is a member of the Steering Group that oversees the Sustainable Clothing Action Plan (SCAP). Led by WRAP, SCAP’s ambition is to improve the sustainability of clothing across its lifecycle. By bringing together industry, government and the third sector we aim to reduce resource use and secure recognition for corporate performance by developing sector-wide targets.

Clothes Aid also plays an active part in SCAP's Re-use and Recycling group which is focused on diverting textiles from landfill by improving collection and separation systems, and developing markets for re-use and recycling.


Valuable Income

Find out more about how your old clothes help our charity partners across the UK.



School Collections

If you are a school, academy, college or university looking to fundraise through clothes collections, click here.


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